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I was interviewed for this Uusi Suomi article by Teemu Kammonen. It is in Finnish. 

Shorter programming day today as we have month-end bookkeeping stuff to do, but there was some progress. Thread spinning no longer gobbles up entire stacks of wool. Animal traps will no longer be baited with entire stacks of food. Custom reactions should respect raw material (globs/bars/etc.) amounts now (thanks for spotting the problem, ag), though reactions that use a small amount of a raw material will still use at least one from a stack (unless there are other ingredients to use or it is the lone reagent, then it’ll multiply it up). Reactions will also trim away pieces of bodies properly. All jobs that affect body components (anything that uses bone, for example) will now carve away pieces of the body component, which’ll leave a “partially butchered” wound type on the limbs etc. that were used in jobs if the skeleton is animated. Leather from skins is still not computed according to size, though — that’s a slightly more difficult problem since they use a custom product tag for tanning.

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I fixed many of the stack problems today (there’s still a few I’ll probably do tomorrow). I also fixed some hidden-area announcement problems.

  • shell/etc. crafts no longer use up the entire stack
  • decorations with bone/etc. no longer use up the entire stack
  • bone greaves can use a single large stack now
  • automated jobs (rendering/butchery/etc.) no longer use every workshop at once
  • rendering a stack of fat now yields tallow stacks rather than several individual items
  • lye stacks now produce the correct amount of potash
  • hidden items no longer show up in the room list or lever menus
  • hidden underground births are no longer announced
  • military item assignment no longer shows hidden items
  • item thefts of hidden underground items are no longer announced

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gods have mercy


Less computer trouble today, more issues fixed. It’s good when the computers are working. This was another sort of random wandering through the list.

  • fixed display of tree roots designated for mining
  • made trees update indoor/etc. settings properly upon removal
  • stopped mining of root tile from removing the tree
  • removed requirement that a creature have a baby/child state to breed completely
  • fixed unretire message on linux/osx
  • stopped dwarven forges in world gen sites from using thrones instead of anvils
  • fixed message for being caught in a cloud of vapor/dust (Quietust)
  • made random creatures only spit liquid spittle
  • fixed state token for mud creature tissues (Quietust)
  • stopped traders from bringing unspecified “liquid” from bloodsucking animals (Quietust)
  • fixed plant growth consumption preferences (Quietust)
  • made vision arc display turn off for blinded creatures
  • made scarred-over wounds to broken functional layers continue to impair function
  • removed special materials from dwarf prefs
  • clarified generated items in stockpiles (can’t remove yet)
  • fixed adjectives for randomly generated blowdarts/bolts (old saves still wrong)
  • fixed reversed display of zone-sizing controls
  • removed leathery egg materials from copperhead snake

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Lazy Newb Pack Update: 0.40.05
Download link is HERE and the forum thread is HERE.
Released: Dwarf Fortress 0.40.05

Download Links: Windows, Linux, Mac


This is a bug fix and optimization release, which is probably something we should get used to for a while, since there is a lot left to do! I’ve tried to make it possible to play in larger worlds again, but there’s also more that can be done. 

Major bug fixes 

  • Fixed several large slow-down culprits
  • Stopped trees from growing through floors
  • Fixed a problem causing the suspension of constructions (old saves with affected jobs will still need to restart them) (ag)
  • Fixed a few problems with hospital code causing them to overstock item (ag)
  • Fixed problem stopping underground fishing (UristDaVinci/Quietust)
  • Made cultures that oppose intruders more lax when in places controlled by less wary groups (one cause of marketplace knifefights)
  • Made adventure-mode ambushers somewhat more in tune with their task
  • Made master soldiers stop reverting back to corresponding regular soldier type
  • Fixed crash that could occur when looking at adventure log while traveling

Other bug fixes/tweaks 

  • Stopped clearing professions upon achieving master soldier type
  • Fixed the population cap
  • Made it possible to detect plantings too late in the season again (Quietust)
  • Stopped migrants from retaining certain adv/etc. flags harmful to their integration into the fort (making them ‘hostile’) Note: those from old saves might take off articles of clothing and store them and other strange things, since the integration could not be made complete easily…
  • Fixed problem with non-entity armies/travelers failing to evaluate nearby creatures properly
  • Tried to improve prioritization for creatures trying to handle many targets, especially w/ extra senses (caused combat AI paralysis)
  • Stopped fliers from wanting to jump (and sometimes colliding mid-air)
  • Added some basic climbing skill to wg/etc. soldiers, esp. thieves
  • Vermin can escape from non-artifact containers properly (Quietust)
  • Caravans check weapon type properly for material selection (Quietust)
  • Diplomats that wanted bodyguards should get them now (Quietust)
  • Stopped aquarium check from turning off other vermin code (Quietust)
  • Fixed crash that happened in the arena when doing v-p on a dwarf with a weapon
  • Creature art value considered properly by civs now (Quietust)
  • Fixed problem dividing out item milligrams in weapon velocities (UristDaVinci)
  • Can now melt metal chests (Quietust)
  • Handled a few problems causing extra/erroneous long patrol thoughts (Quietust)
  • Made children get full list of default labors upon growing up and respected any existing skills
  • Stopped migrant historical children from receiving labors
  • Made underground populations properly respect layer size (the numbers can get very high, but blame the giant under-ocean caves in part)
  • Stopped hyper-obese digesting dwarves from constantly recalculating insulation/mass data (ag)
  • Fixed some problems causing certain jobs to check too many items (angavrilov/Quietust)
  • Allowed egg-laying critters without baby/child state to have viable eggs
  • Stopped listing dead non-fort animals/etc. as missing
  • Fixed a rounding error with projectile calculations (Pirate Bob/UristDaVinci)
  • Adjusted contact area/depth of ammo, max velocity of shooters (Joben)
  • Fixed a problem causing saplings to grow up 10x as fast as they should
  • Stopped sparring from being placed in combat reports
  • Displayed proper key for viewing agreements in civ screen
  • Stopped dwarves from swiping hospital goods from the caravan
  • Made the game respect more circumstances whereby medical inventory items are removed (fixing the crutch speed bug, for instance)
  • Stopped ghosts from being able to realize dreams after they are dead
  • Fixed problem where tools made from adamantine wafers required the wrong material amounts (Quietust)
  • Fixed problem with seed initialization for mid-level maps that could cause inconsistency (Quietust)
  • Fixed broken lack of cage/chain thought for law dwarf (Quietust)
  • Adjustments to animal people frequencies (see file_changes.txt)
  • Made king cobra people legless like other snake people
  • Fixed a problem causing the tortoises not to appear
  • Made random creature spines connect up properly
  • Fixed material values for obsidian (UristDaVinci)
  • Various typos fixed (see file_changes.txt) (thanks to Gorobay for finding most of these)
  • Re-added elven diplomacy, though it is still unchanged from its first incarnation

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A crash that could occur when looking at the adventure mode log while traveling was handled, and another strange crash involving pressing v-p on armed dwarves in the arena was also handled (it was looking for non-present fort info). Animal people and giant animals had a frequency rewrite (thanks to ab9rf for looking at that closely). Quietust had found a few other problems (mid-level maps could be regenerated in an inconsistent fashion causing world gen to drift from the seed, law dwarf did not complain about lack of chains/cages properly) and those are fixed now. Running some extra tests in the hopes of catching any trouble that might have slipped through the bug-fixing party, and this version’ll probably see the sun outside its cave tomorrow.

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my partner tried to call me a sweetheart the other day but he misspelled it and I read it as “sweetbeard” and then I decided that this is what dwarf couples call each other

so, naturally, here are two dwarves on a date


The bug processing continued today. Using an observation from ag, I think I’ve put an end to those construction suspensions that came from the builder standing on the construction spot — any that were ongoing in old saves will still be there, but it shouldn’t make new ones. Saplings (and other trees) were growing way too fast, and that is fixed now. Dwarves shouldn’t raid caravans for hospital supplies anymore. The bug where placing your crutch in your bag caused you to have a phantom crutch should be fixed (and there were circumstances that caused that to happen in fort mode as well, and it happened with casts, splints and bandages as well). Sparring events shouldn’t be reported as combat events now, although that’s a more difficult problem now that combat moves are smeared out over time, so we’ll keep an eye on it. Sadly, ghosts will no longer be able to realize dreams after they are dead. Theoretically, it would be fine if certain kinds of ghosts did it, but the overall code was problematic, so we’ll have to revisit that later. Tools made from adamantine wafers use the proper number now (Quietust). I used proper yield etc. values for obsidian (UristDaVinci). Fixed up some density mistakes… proper agreement viewing button… lots of typos…

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In my DF world, one of the most powerful goblin civs is lead by two goblin queens who are married to one another, and share the dream to “Rule the world”.