Fuck Yeah, Dwarf Fortress!


There have been a lot of DF Talky, pressy and taxy things going on (with all the events scheduled for later, this may end up being one of the busier months on record non-programming-wise), but I managed to get most of the way through pulping as well as making some strides toward the definitive hydra test. For pulping, I just need to hit a bunch of things in the arena now to get the numbers to feel correct. Once a key body part is pulped, associated corpses won’t be able to be re-animated. If a dwarf gets hit enough times to have a part pulped and still survives, which is reasonably extreme, they can still recover, since pulping isn’t actually a state of being, just an accumulation of enough serious wounds — if enough of the serious wounds heal, the dwarf can recover, but it’s likely to be a mess of multiple horrifying fractures and nerve damage and so on. The “hit points” for animated creatures that were a band-aid for the damage problem have been removed.

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